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Recommended resources to propel your life forward

Coaching Academy


At Coaching Academy, learn how to lead others into fulfilling their potential. You'll learn proven coaching methodologies through a mixture of intensive hands-on, group, and personal coaching.

Explore Reality Seminar


The power of Explore Reality is becoming aware of the subtle, basic assumptions that govern your life and exploring how those assumptions support or undermine achieving your goals.

Impact Training


The Impact Training is a Biblically-based program which supports you in bringing your intentions and impact on others into alignment, empowering you to create the effect on others that you desire.

Accelerate Training


Accelerate is an action oriented learning opportunity for Impact grads. It's designed to quickly and powerfully translate your Impact experience into sustainable results that accelerate your vision, impact, and legacy.

The Art of Marriage Seminar


The Art of Marriage powerfully reveals the purposes and provision of marriage. Explore the underlying attitudes and tendencies that dramatically influence your marriage and take a fresh look at its tremendous potential.

Trust Marriage Workshop


The Trust Marriage Workshop explores what it takes to establish or deepen trust, turning conflict and complaint into connection and intimacy, getting unstuck from recurring unwanted patterns, and building a marriage that fulfills you as well as others.

Man Talk


Man Talk is an opportunity for men to transform the inner dialogue that continually plays in their heads about themselves—conversations that can produce limitations or freedom. Some include adequacy, calling, responsibility, duty, and significance.

Latest News

Jane now offers Whole-Life Coaching
July 1, 2015.
New groups forming every few weeks.

The Reinvent Training
July 11, 2015
Jane Perry Coaching is hosting the Reinvent Ministries' Reinvent Training.
Dates: November 13-15
Location: West Lebanon, NH