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What is coaching?

An opportunity to reinvent your life.


What do you want in life?

  • Success in your business
  • Excellence in image and presentation
  • Clarity about life decisions
  • Freedom from the past
  • Intimacy in your relationships
  • Confidence in your parenting
  • Momentum toward big goals

Coaching is a way to turn your longings into reality. At its core, coaching is essentially a process of inquiry, choice, and action. The role of a coach is to help clients

  • clarify what they want to achieve;
  • identify and choose new perspectives, behaviors, and approaches that serve them; and
  • take action that moves them decidedly forward in relation to their vision and goals.

As your coach, Jane will partner with you in a creative and thought-provoking process designed to inspire you to reach your personal and professional potential.

Become the person you want to be. Contact Jane and start today!


What do others say?


“ I coached with Jane for several months about vocational and personal concerns. She was reliable, enthusiastic, a great listener, on point, and conscientious. I am amazed at the difference working with her made in my business and personal life...and continues to make. I highly recommend Jane. ”


Mary Jeanne Toutloff,
Boise, ID


Latest News

Jane now offers Whole-Life Coaching
July 1, 2015.
New groups forming every few weeks.

The Reinvent Training
July 11, 2015
Jane Perry Coaching is hosting the Reinvent Ministries' Reinvent Training.
Dates: November 13-15
Location: West Lebanon, NH