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Why do I coach?

So others can live in freedom and joy.


Years ago, when I first experienced coaching, I was challenged to "notice the stories I told myself." I realized that I had totally fooled myself into believing that events in my life had disqualified me from playing big in life. I saw that I felt victimized by circumstances and distrustful of people on every level. And I realized that the legacy I was leaving behind was one of caution, sorrow, and suspicion.

Through the powerful coaching of several amazing men and women, I committed to taking myself on. I committed to playing to win, playing all in, and living a powerful life that is worthy of the calling God placed in my heart.

So why do I coach?

  • I coach for freedom.
  • I coach for joy.
  • I coach for abundant life.
  • I coach for legacy—mine and yours.

How do freedom, joy, abundant life, and legacy sound to you? Contact Jane today to set up a free, one-hour consultation. Experience how coaching can reinvent your life.


What do others say?


“ I had a dream to be a nurse as well as a valuable, confident, and fun woman. Working with Jane, I was able to find or create the tools I needed to achieve my dreams—and so much more!

Jane will raise the bar in your life and challenge you to be more than you could have ever imagined! ”


Michelle Dickinson,
Grand Rapids, MI


Latest News

Jane now offers Whole-Life Coaching
July 1, 2015.
New groups forming every few weeks.

The Reinvent Training
July 11, 2015
Jane Perry Coaching is hosting the Reinvent Ministries' Reinvent Training.
Dates: November 13-15
Location: West Lebanon, NH